About us
Treetop Resort, the hidden settle in the lap of nature in Palakkadu, is perfect for a tranquil retreat. It is the most charming and best tree top resort in Kerala that fascinates its visitors with lush greenery interspersed with hills, rivers, mountain streams, and forests. The main attraction of Palakkad is the Silent Valley National Park, one of nature's most amazing gifts known for its dazzling variety of flora and fauna, which is just 4km away from the Treetop Resort. The in-store activities and facilities of Treetop Resort are rejuvenating and blend the human soul with nature. The cozy and pleasant atmosphere gives you an actual hideout from the busy snags of life.

The spacious, well-arranged calm cottages carry a serene ambiance and offer complete tranquility. The tantalizing elegance and fragrance of nature make the stay an unforgettable experience. The visitors can never forget the experience surrounded by lush forests giving a homestyle feeling. The traditional way of building and architecture makes your stay aesthetic and appealing. The opulent abodes and living space perfectly blend with natural surroundings, where you are drawn close to nature rather than far away from the huge buildings.
Our Rooms