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Places To Visit

Kanhirapuzha Dam

The magnificent lake, Kanjirapuzha surrounded by heavily wooded hills is located 24 kms from Palakkad. Just beyond the reservoir and surrounded by the hills, is the ever green forest, ‘Vettilachola’. During rainy season, mist-wrap mountains creates a picturesque landscape which provides a visual treat. Beyond the dam a garden with full greenish leisure named  “KANJIRAPUZHA GARDEN” is situated there. Boating facilities are also available here.

Snake Park

Located in the same area as Malampuzha Dam and Malampuzha Gardens, is the Snake Park. This park is ultimately a snake rescue and rehabilitation center. It is a safe place for snakes to get help if they have been found out in nature injured. Likewise it is a safe place for humans to see with their own eyes a variety of snakes. Because of how these snakes are housed and handled, there is no danger to those that want to observe these cold-blooded reptiles. There is nothing amateur about this park, as it is managed by the Forests Department. Several different varieties of snakes, both poisonous and non-poisonous can be found at the snake park at any given time.


A Meenvallam waterfall is around 8kms from Thuppanad junction on the Palakkad- Manarkkad route. It is a combination of enchanting beauty and scenic splendor. The water falls from nearly 20 to 25 feet and the depth is around 15-20 feet. There are 10 steps of waterfalls of which eight are situated in the upper hills inside the dense forest. They are inaccessible, only the remaining two steps are accessible. One has to hire a jeep from Koomankund junction and then trek a distance of 1.5 km by crossing the river Thuppanad. The ten step waterfall with the height of each step varying from five to fourty metres provide a visual treat to the beholder.

The Fantasy Park

The Fantasy Park is the first amusement park of Kerala. The park is spread over an area of about15 acres and is divided into three main areas – the dry park, the wet park and the planetarium. It is an ideal weekend getaway and picnic spot.There are exciting rides, games, garden, fountains and other recreational facilities for both children and adults.The Baby Train Ride, Battery Car Ride, wave pool and Water Kiddy Ride are enjoyed by the children. Families enjoy the Oriental Express Train, Go Cart and Pirate Boat. The wet park has the Wave Pool, Malampuzha Falls and Water Blasters rides.Another main attraction of the park is the Digital planetarium to develop interest in astronomy and also to spread education and create awareness relating to space, space exploration and space technology.There is a restaurant in the park with good meals and snacks.

Dhoni waterfall

Dhoni waterfall is situated in the Dhoni hills in Palakkad district. It is surrounded by dense forests. On reaching the base of the Dhoni hills, one has to reach to the top by trekking for around 3 hours. Near to the mountain lies a temple and the people believe that it was constructed by Goddess for Lord Shiva.Its lush green surroundings are a pleasure to watch. Dhoni is also famous for its farmhouse, harbouring hundreds of cattle of Swiss variety.Tourists interested in watching nature at close quarters attract the Dhoni waterfalls, particularly Sapal waterfalls at Parasuramkundu.It is also easy to reach the waterfalls and other beautiful spots inside the reserve forest. A four-km walk from Dhoni main road will take you to the beautiful waterfall and the forest area, which is rich in wildlife like elephant, tiger, deer, etc.

Thread Garden

It is a unique type of garden entirely made of threads, located nearer to Fantasy Park. The flowers and plants are made of hand woven colorful embroidery threads makes a magnificent sight to tourists. It is a must visit garden to enjoy the high human effort used to create such a awe-inspiring garden.

Malampuzha Garden

It is expressed as ‘Vrindavan Of Kerala’ located nearer to Malampuzha Dam. It is another fascinating location for tourists to enjoy lush green lawns, gorgeous water pools, attractive flower beds, impressive and relaxing fountains, fish shaped aquarium, passenger’s ropeway, snake park, children park, rock garden made of waste materials and plastics and concrete statue of Yakshi (Legentary enchantress) which is made by famous sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman are prominent attractions in this garden.

Malampuzha Dam

The biggest tourist attraction is Malampuzha irrigation dam which was built in 1955. The water capacity is 115.06 meters. It is the largest irrigation system in Kerala developed by network of several canals. This majestic reservoir is the prime setting among tourists. The surrounding landscapes are incredible in nature and further adorned by the nearby garden. It is boating and fishing destination for tourists.

Silent Valley

Silent Valley National Park, also known as Sairandhivanam, is situated in the Nilgiri hills, 18Km away from Tree Top Resort. The park is well known for lion-tailed macaque. The British botanist Robert Wright was the first to explore this area in 1847. The British gave the name Silent Valley because of the lack of noisy Cicadas in this area. The place has legendry significance and it is believed that Pandavas during their exile reached here. The name Sairandhivanam is came from the name Sairandhri, the wife of Pandavas.

Siruvani Dam

Siruvani Dam, built in the banks of Siruvani river, is a tourist destination near Mannarkad in Palakkad. The dam was built by the Kerala government to supply water to Coimbatore.  The Siruvani Dam presents the typical architecture of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Banan Fort is situated near the Dam. Some tribals like Irulars and Mudugars are inhibiting near the Siruvani Dam.

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